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Eastern New York Youth Soccer

Environment Conditions Guidelines

The link below is to the ENYYSA website for the U.S. Soccer's Comprehensive Player Health and Safety Program covering the following topics





Follow this link for informational articles above:  Environmental Conditions — Recognize to Recover

Rip Van Winkle SC's Modified Policies for player's safety is listed below. 

Beach Soccer

Message from ENYYSA

"The Recognized to Recover is aimed at promoting safe play and reducing injuries in soccer players of all ages.  With the help of medical experts to provide coaches, player, parents and referee with information, guidance and additional educational materials to improve the prevention and management of injuries. "

U.S. Soccer Federation Chicago, IL 

70% of children quit youth sports by the age 14 years old.  The number one reason is
"It is NOT FUN anymore".  Our youth are suffering the highest level of anxiety from the pressure to perform.  You can become part of the solution in helping our kids stay healthy.
Let the coaches coach.
Only cheer positively towards both teams
Don't yell at the referee about a call- everyone is human and makes mistakes.  It's hard to see everything. 
This is your child's game -  NOT yours!

CDYSL is strictly enforcing the Zero Tolerance Policy for Coaches and Parents.  You are responsible for your behavior.  If a Parent incurs a fine from CDYSL zero tolerance committee, they will be responsible for the amount of the fine personally.  (last years fines where $250.00 per incident).  The RVW board has the right to restrict you from attending games, if the board has determined that your behavior is unfitting youth sports behavior or you have violated any portion of the policy on behavior.

Rip Van Winkle Soccer Club has Policies, Procedures and Guidelines that are at times more conservative for increased safety of our players.  Safety First!
Click on the links to visit our club's guidelines.
Soccer Players
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