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Youth Soccer

Requirements for coaching:

Recreational summer soccer coach must complete the following.

Risk Management --background check through ENYYSA/CDYSL-every two years.

Safe Sport Certification --yearly through US Soccer Learning Center 

Heads Up Certification-- every two years through US Soccer Learning Center

Travel Soccer Coach must complete all of the above plus the following.

  • Grassroots Coaching License through ENYYSA/CDYSL- one time 4-hour course

Once you email the club your intent to coach, an email will be sent to you, inviting you to accept the coaching or volunteer role.  Once you accept that role, you will create an account online at systemgotsport.  In that account you will need to upload a picture without sunglasses or hats into the account.  On your dashboard you will be provided the requirements to be completed by clicking on each one.  The risk management takes about 2-3 weeks to clear, and all completed certificates must be uploaded by you into the account.  

Soccer Field Aerial

Club Policies/Procedures

Responsibilities for all RVW coaches

Positive attitude & atmosphere

Provide training sessions appropriate for age and level.

Good communication with parents and club board

Follow club policies, guidelines and procedures.

Respect for other club's coaches and referees

Check fields for safety issues.

Monitor player's physical health during activities.

Check fields for items left behind after practice/games.

Make sure you have all your equipment together and a safety kit

Make sure painted line are good for game (coaches are asked to keep lines)

Added for Travel Competitive Coaches 

Make all CDYSL games. 

Reschedule games. 

Report game scores within 24 hours

Report incidents to RVW president within 24 hours

Complete yearly requirements to maintain approval of cdysl

Check your home field for lines and nets are in good condition.

Pick up corner flags and replace them in the shed.

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