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Rip Van Winkle Travel Soccer Store

Rip Van Winkle Spring/Fall Travel Soccer Players can order a NEW Youth or Adult size uniform Kit online with Challenger teamwear. 
When ordering a New uniform you must be assigned a number prior to the order. 
If you are reordering a jersey you must order the same number that the club assigned to you.

A New Uniform Kit includes the following:

 1 Silver Jersey 

1 Neon Blue Jersey

1 pair black shorts

1 pair black cover socks

Steps to ordering a NEW Uniform:

1.)  contact to receive a assigned player number.  (you are unable to order without that number)

2.)  new players to the club must purchase a full Uniform Kit initially because you will need all the pieces at each game.

2.) allow 3-6 weeks for delivery to your home

Ordering One Piece of the uniform

You may order only a piece or pieces of the uniform for replacement of your complete kit. (Scroll to the bottom of the uniform store page for individual uniform pieces)


If you have any questions on ordering, please contact us a

Uniform Store is a part of Challenger Team wear and all orders are filled by them.

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